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Greyson- so sweet an so loving. A young kitten who will always choose to snuggle when given the opportunity. Such soft fur and deep loving eyes, little Greyson is looking for a forever family to cuddle up to and share...

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Update on Josie From Her Foster Mom, Cindy

March 23, 2011 Josie visited Dr. Chris yesterday for her checkup and second stem cell treatment.  She weighed in at around 18.3 lbs.   I have noticed that she is not as ravenous as she had been when she first came here,...

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How Lucky to be Brought Together!

October 20, 2007
Posted By:
Linda Ploch
His response had been so nebulous, none of us knew what to think. "Outside? Do you need to go outside?" I asked again. He answered again with the same rejoinder of a sort of high-pitched, squeaky, repetitive whine. Then he placed his body squarely at my feet in my path, as we walked, twisting backwards to look up at me, while whipping my knees with his tail.

Somehow we expected our newly-adopted adult, pre-owned dog to be more clear in his requests. Couldn’t he just run to the door and show us that’s what he needed? Maybe the fact that we had let him out 3 different doors since taking him in the day before wasn’t exactly a clear directive on our part. And when we did let him out, half the time he never even "did his business" – he just wanted to play, or lie down in the sun.

Despite the little frustrations in the first few days, we were really enjoying Charcoal, our cocker spaniel/black lab mix. He was the perfect complement to our family, with the kids being 9 and 11, and my husband and I both having had dogs while we were growing up. It was evident Charcoal had some previous training and took well to my husband and I being his new masters. He was well-behaved during our dinners, and ate his own dinners with much speed and vigor, perhaps recalling the ravenous times he must have experienced while running around stray for the previous period of his life.

Taking in a rescued dog has been a fortuitous occasion for both Charcoal and our family. He brings such love, loyalty and playfulness to our home. What a great feeling to be greeted so consistently and gingerly every time we come home. How lucky that we were brought together.

Linda Ploch
Vernon Hills
September 15, 2007

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