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Sophie Has Been Rescued

INVESTIGATION UPDATE: Some of you who have been following our Facebook postings may remember a case this winter in Zion with a German Shepherd who was left outside 24 hours a day in the bitter cold without any shelter or...

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Echo News

March 26, 2011
Posted By:
Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

Echo, a Border collie mix that was born and lived at the Iams dog food testing lab for nine years, came to AEAR about two years ago.   He arrived withdrawn, scared of everything and completely detached or as some would say. “in his own world.”  Echo has been through many changes since coming to AEAR.

For the majority of his stay with AEAR he has lived with our director Sandy Kamen Wisniewski and her family.    He also lived at another foster home for about three months.  For the past five or six months Echo has lived at Bark N Park doggy day care in Libertyville.

Besides Echo being withdrawn and detached, Echo was unable to be housebroken in any foster home.  That was the biggest challenge we faced and the one thing making it nearly impossible for him to get adopted.  We tried everything known and nothing worked. When he finally went to the doggy day care he became housebroken for the first time since we had him.  The only thing we could guess is that it was a more institutional type living, which he was more accustomed to.

Echo seemed very happy at the doggy day care for a long time.  He played with toys, acknowledged and received affection from the people who worked there and even played on occasion with dogs.  We were thrilled.  But that gave us the dilemma of whether to keep Echo there forever.  By the time he arrived at the doggy day care he was around twelve-years-old.  Not an ideal age for a dog to live full time at an very active doggy day care.  But we bided our time and let Echo decide when enough was enough.

Just in the past month or less Echo has become more tired and withdrawn.  He was limping slightly recently, likely from the activity level.  He began to get distressed in his pen at night and seemed less happy.

Spring break for the doggy day care is very, very busy so Sandy decided that it was the right time to bring Echo back to her house to see how he does.  “Echo moved in like he never left.  All my dogs accepted him.  He is sleeping beside my bed and curls up on a chair during the day in my living room.  He gets all the rest he needs and seems very happy,” said Sandy.  His limp is now gone.

Unfortunately he is back to not going to the bathroom outside or “at least that I can tell,” said Sandy.  “But it has only been three days so we’ll see,” she added.  Echo is welcome in Sandy’s home for as long as he’d like for however long that is.  She said, “I’ll let Echo decide.  I just want him to be happy.”

Animal Education and Rescue is looking for people to sponsor Echo’s ongoing care.  They hope you will make a donation in his honor.  You can do so by donating online or you can send a donation to Echo at AEAR P.O. Box 7343 Libertyville, IL 60048.

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