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Mouse's Care

Mouse needs ongoing care.

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Mouse's Ongoing Care

January 08, 2017
Posted By:
Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

Yesterday we went to Tops Veterinarian Rehabilitation for Mouse to get a complete evaluation. Overall I was very impressed. Dr. Kevin Jones was the veterinarian who evaluated her.

It is unclear as to how Mouse became disabled. It could be an injury or she was born that way. Because of her various issues...back and leg issues, her head tremor, as well as many extra dewclaws, we all agreed that we lean towards it being genetic. But what to call it...what she has...will never be known.

At the start the doctor did mention x rays and MRI's as well as blood work can be done to try and figure out more details as to what she has and why. But my question was, "to what end? Operations? Medications?" Very early on we all agreed that even if we knew what she had it wouldn't change her condition nor would we be able to do anything to correct it.

The cart we have for Mouse needs to be modified. It is not working properly for her. We brain stormed ideas to better allow her to use it like a sled dog would a sled verses so much pressure on her front legs and chest with so little support, as it is now. Katie, one of our volunteers who joined us, is going to try and make extra harnesses and straps for the cart to better support her when she's in it.

The doctor is going to research several companies that make special devises for handicapped animals about getting a devise made for Mouse that would act essentially like a gertle and keep her legs from splaying out like she's doing the splits. It's not good for her legs to be continually going into the splits.

He showed me some exercises to do with her every day three times a day for about two minutes each time which should help give her more flexibility in her back legs and get her legs to behave more like a normal dogs legs would. So essentially I would have her stand up and hold her back legs together and gently bounce them and sway them and then tuck her feet underneath and gently force them to bend at the knee.

He did some chiropractic adjustments for her. He said since she's so out of wack her spine is messed up as well. The adjustment helped but of course she likely ideally should have a set of them.

He said that it may help her to get chiropractic adjustments done as well as acupuncture occasionally. Hydrdo-treadmill therapy is an option as well (water therapy). He also suggested a nutritional therapist to talk to us about food and supplements.

I suggested doing water therapy at home. He said its definitely worth trying. It would require a harness and to slowly add more water in the tub until she is floating and paddling while being held.

None of the therapies will correct her inability to walk. All we can hope for is to lessen the progression as well as make her stronger and more comfortable.

Of course money is always an issue. Any of their services cost about $75-$125 for one or a few sessions. It's not realistic or feasible for us. I can do the therapy at home, now that I know what to do. We will fix the cart and I will try water therapy. I will do the best I can with the limited time/money I/we have.

We could use a nest egg for her for the things we may need for her. For sure we need a harness and would possibly get her occasional chiropractic adjustments if we had the money. To me that makes sense since she will always be getting out of wack as far as her spine due to her gait and "walking." If anyone wants to make a donation towards her ongoing care, please use the Donate button on this page. I will be very conservative on what I spend money on and only use what we get donated. The rest will be my time.

I was VERY impressed with Tops and their staff. They were kind, understanding, realistic and I love the holistic mindset and approach.

Mouse is a happy dog with a serious handicap. She is an inspiration and I love her deeply. She is lucky to have come to AEAR and we will make sure she has a good life. She will attend programs and will be able to inspire others she meets. She is a blessing.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and love! (Photo of Mouse with Dr. Jones.)

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