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Joy is a mischievious and teeny, tiny ferret. She is super smart and would make a great ferret for someone who wants a ferret they can train. She is a bully with cats so maybe no cats in...

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Mouse - Urgent Care

Mouse's - Emergency Care

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Mouse's - Emergency Care

March 24, 2017
Posted By:
Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

Mouse is at animal emergency in Grayslake. I brought her there because she was having a hard time breathing. It happened suddenly.

She is staying there now. They have her in oxygen and gave her a shot to help her breathing. The doctor doesn't know what it is but suspects possibly pneumonia, bronchitis or heart disease, in that order. Although we have no way of knowing yet without further tests.

Because of cost I held off on x rays until we can talk to her regular doctor this morning. I am not sure if we will transfer her or if that's possible or not. Their original estimate for treatment was over $1,200.00. I got the estimate down to a bit under $500.00 to carry us through for the next four hours or so. Basically that covers hospitalization, oxygen, exam and shot to help breathing.

I wish money weren't an issue but it is. We are responsible for a lot of animals in our care, many also with medical issues. I am so sorry to ask for money so quickly after your generosity paying for the adoptions for the two puppies but this is out of my control and Mouse is very sick. The doctor wants to run tests...x rays at the least...and she'll likely need more... like medication, etc.

Shortly I'll have someone set up a chip in for her medical care on our web site. If you can donate anything at all we'd be so grateful. To donate just go to our web site at www.aear.org.

Please keep Mouse in your prayers and wrap her in your love. So sad and worried.

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