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BIG THANK YOU TO KABUKI and the generous donors!!

BIG THANK YOU TO KABUKI and the generous donors!!I want to thank so very much Kabuki restaurant for doing their charity golf outing in our honor.  They raised $1,000.00 for AEAR.  Thanks to the donation, Kyra, one of the dogs...

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Willow's Care

Medical Help for Willow

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Willow in Need of Medical Assistance

June 02, 2017
Posted By:
Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

Willow Update:  

Willow had over a dozen seizures in less than 10 hours yesterday which is extremely life threatening.

Received a call from Dr. M. at Wonder Lake veterinary clinic. Willow made it last night and he said they are controlling the seizures. They will monitor her today and be in touch. It's truly a miracle she is still alive. If you would have seen what I saw...glad you didn't. Heartbreaking.


For those that don't know, our office cat, Willow had about four seizures in close succession this morning. I took her to the vet and they drew some blood to test.

The doctor said it could be numerous different things and that the blood work may or may not tell us something. According to the vet one possibility is a brain tumor. An MRI and spinal tap, which was suggested as an option, clearly is not in the cards. We are a rescue organization. I asked for phenobarbital to give Willow to stop further seizures. The vet wrote a script and told me to fill it at any pharmacy.

After leaving the vet, knowing that it was serious that she not have more seizures, I went to a nearby Walgreens drive thru.

After waiting 45 minutes, Willow having at least three seizures in her carrier, they told me they didn't have it in stock. The woman found another Walgreens 25 minutes away that carried it and assured me she would call ahead. I told her what was happening and she assured me she'd take care of it.

Trying not to panic I drive to the other Walgreens and it was another 45 minutes of waiting before they got me the medication. I was doing my best to try and hold it together.

I took her out of the carrier in the car and shoved the medicine down her throat. Back at the office she had another seizure right away. Then it seemed that she was ok.

Just now I came and checked on her and she purred and purred and was very affectionate (see photo). But as I was writing this she just had another seizure. It's not looking good for our senior cat Willow. She's been with us eight years, never got adopted...anyway...

One important thing to note, she doesn't appear to be suffering at all. She's just confused around the seizure. The medication I think is doping her up a bit too. I'll sit with her a while longer.

Side note: I learned that phenobarbital is becoming harder and harder to find. I have a volunteer researching what's going on and will report once she's found out what's going on with that drug. We use that drug for Mona. It keeps her alive. Without it she would certainly die. And the number of people that use it for seizures...

Kind of a tough day at the orphanage. Hug your pet extra tonight❤️.

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