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Star has lived her entire life, on and off, at AEAR's orphanage. We feel it is best at this point in her life for her to live our her life with her caretakers. If you'd like to donate...

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PLEASE Consider Fostering a Dog

We are in a crisis situation.  We need foster homes for at least seven dogs.  We have four Chihuahuas, two Labradors, and four mix breeds of hounds and shepherds. Our foster homes must come with good references and if they have...

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Soap Sale

Taking Orders for Handmade Soaps!

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Now Taking Orders for Handmade Soap

August 02, 2017
Posted By:
Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

Taking Orders For Soap!

We are now selling soaps to raise money initially for Chuck to adopt his foster Velcro dog, Nicky (read the whole story below) but also as a general fund raiser for AEAR.  100% of the proceeds go to AEAR. The cost of the saop is $10.00 for a 1 inch thick bar.  They make great gifts too! They will be packaged and ready for you or someone else as a gift!

We have lavender, mint, coffee, orange to name a few. They are all made with coconut oil, lye, essential oils and herbs from Chuck's garden.  

Click here for prices and list of available soaps

Click here to watch the Soap Production In Action


Order Options

  1. Click the "Donate Now" button on the Soap Sale box on the home page at www.aear.org and let us know in the '"Add a Message" box which soaps you'd like to order and which of our upcoming events you would like to pick up the soaps at.  Click here for a list of upcoming events. Please make sure your donation amount adds up to the dollar amount of the soaps you are ordering.

  2. Come to Mischiefs Brewing in Libertyville starting on 8/5/17 where you will be able to purchase the soaps directly.

  3. Shipping options coming soon.


The Story Behind Chuck’s Homemade Soap

Since 2003, when Chuck’s wife Sandy started a non-profit humane society called Animal Education and Rescue, Chuck has been behind the scenes helping whenever he can.  Animals of all kinds came and went from where Sandy and Chuck live, at what they affectionately nicknamed, “The Orphanage.”  So very often the dogs, in particular, would bond to Sandy very quickly and everyone joked about her being “the pied piper.”  The couple adopted out hundreds of dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, rats, guinea pigs and much more throughout the years.  
Chuck never complained or thought anything of it as all the dogs showed more loyalty to Sandy.  They loved him enough and frankly, he didn’t know any different.  That was until a little mixed breed dog came into their care.  His name was Nicky.  For the first 48 hours that Nicky was at the orphanage he cried and cried and was inconsolable looking for his previous owners.  He would run from one door to the next begging to be let out so he could find his beloved owners.  He was totally disinterested in any person or dog around him.  It was heartbreaking to witness.
The third day after Nicky’s arrival he was in the dog room with some of other dogs. Chuck was sitting in a chair nearby relaxing.  Chuck explains it this way, “all of a sudden Nicky looked over at me and jumped into my lap.  I couldn’t believe it.”  From that time on Nicky imprinted on Chuck.  They became two peas in a pod, like father and son, best friends and pals.  Chuck said, “I have never had a dog love me so much.”  
Nicky laid on Chuck’s feet as he stood to do the dishes, jumped into his lap any time he sat down, was his shadow following him from room to room and slept curled up beside him at night, his head on Chuck’s shoulder.  It was then we realized that Nicky had to stay!
So Sandy decided that they needed to raise the $325.00 for Nicky’s adoption fee.  At that same time Chuck was making amazing homemade soaps using essential oils, herbs from his garden and things from the kitchen cabinets.  Someone on their Facebook page knew that Chuck was making soap and wrote: “why don’t you sell soap to raise money for Nicky’s adoption?”  And so they did!
Chuck’s Homemade Soaps are made with real ingredients, like coconut oil, lye, essential oils, coffee and herbs.  Nothing else...well, except loads of love and good vibes.  Every single person that touched each packaged soap are sharing their love with the people that buy them.  
Buy the soap for yourself, buy for someone else and support a fabulous heart-centered humane society.  
Animal Education and Rescue

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