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Abandoned Dogs

Abandoned Dogs - Need Your Help!

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Abandoned Dogs Need Your Help!

August 18, 2017
Posted By:
Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

Please Help Us Help Them

Tragic, is the only word I can think of when thinking of these poor dogs' story. Two weeks ago they lived with a couple in Lake County. The couple moved out of state and literally tied their two old dogs to a tree AND LEFT THEM.

Along came an elderly neighbor who saw the dogs tied to the tree. She took them and reached out to a dear friend for help. The old woman was moving in with relatives out of state and couldn't do anything to help the dogs.

Her friend, a kind-hearted man, "wanted to help the dogs as well as his friend," he told me, so he took the dogs in knowing that dogs weren't allowed in his apartment. He figured it would be easy to find them rescue to take them. He learned the hard way that it was not going to be easy to find a place for two old dogs.

The male dog is at least 14-years-old and the female, he was told, is between 10-12. The man was getting desperate by the time he reached out to us. His landlord said the dogs have to be gone by the weekend.

Here's the thing. He reached out everywhere and everywhere is full...at least foster based organizations. Two old dogs living out their lives in a shelter after they were someone's pet for all these years would be horrible for them and a tragic way for them to end their lives.

Add to that they are pit bulls and the male has a bleeding growth on his toe. It's a lot for any rescue organization to take on and no one can say these dogs are very adoptable.

But as I always say...I believe in miracles and I believe the man reached out to us for a reason. I know we can help these dogs and give them a quality life...no matter how long. BUT they are going to cost us money in medical, care, etc. I am willing to figure it out (I always find a way) if I can get the financial help I need to justify taking in dogs who may or may not get adopted. The old boy can live out his life at the office, on a dog bed, loved and cared for, if that's what is meant to be. I am willing and able to make that happen. The girl has a chance to get adopted, maybe, but regardless would have a home with us.

So if you can spare anything to help these dogs we'd be so grateful. We believe EVERY LIFE has value...unlike these dogs' owners who decided they are worth nothing more than being abandoned tied to a tree. We want to show them that there are good, kind people who will love them until they cross the rainbow bridge.

We need to let the man know by the end of the day. Tomorrow he will need to bring them to animal control Donations can be made on our web site at www.aear.org. We'll put a chip in up soon but don't wait for the chip in to donate.

Thank you so much on behalf of these dogs.

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