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Apollo Needs Our Help

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Apollo Needs Our Help

October 26, 2017
Posted By:
Sandy Kamen-Wisniewski

Our newest dog, Apollo, is a Neapolitan Mastiff. He was given up by his owner because of his medical issues. This dog is incredibly sweet, outgoing and loves everyone. He loves meandering on a walk and is excited by all his adventures.

Today I took Apollo to the vet. Here is what he needs daily:
1. Two eye medicines
2. Steroids for the skin
3. Ear wash and ear medicine
4. Allergy medicine
5. Antibiotics
6. Medicated shampoo baths
7. And he still needs to be neutered

He received today at the vet:
1. Exam
2. Eye stain to make sure he had no scratches on his eye
3. Heartworm test
4. Rabies vaccine
5. Microchip

Everyone, I would be so grateful for some help here for this deserving guy. It is NOT HIS fault he was very poorly bred. It is NOT HIS fault that he has so many health issues. You have no idea how sweet and special he is. He deserves help and I CAN'T do it alone!

I need your help to help get him as healthy as he can be and give him the best quality life possible. It needs to be a team effort to really impact his life positively. I'd be so grateful for anything you can do to help this very special dog that had no choice about the messed up body he came in.–"

Here is what I need:

1. Donations for his medical expenses. You can make a donation online at www.aear.org. In the memo section say "for Apollo." 
2. I need someone to research his allergy medicine to get the best price since he'll be on it for life.
3. Transport to and from the groomer. He has to go three times a week. He's staying in Libertyville and the groomer is ten minutes away.
4. I need ideas for ways to keep his folds as clean as possible, holistic options and ideas too to help his skin.
5. Fresh ground turkey to add to his food.
6. A foster home for him asap.

Thank you so much in advance. ❤️

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