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MIracle Dental

Miracle Needs Dental

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Miracle Needs Dental

November 02, 2017
Posted By:
Sandy Kamen-Wisniewski

Welcome Back Miracle

Our senior kitty that was adopted out recently was returned due to her health issues. Unfortunately we were unaware of most of them. She also needs a dental...which we declined at the time it was suggested because of her other pressing medical issue we took care of.

This is the downside of Rescue organizations taking in a senior animal and more and more why I am beginning to understand why other organizations don't do it.

Miracle came to us about four years ago, when someone found her outside in the freezing cold and snow near death. They pleaded with us to take her. They said no one else will and "we don't want her to suffer anymore than she has already and she will die."

How could I possibly say no????

We were at a committee meeting when the cat was dropped off. She was skin and bones with a leg that appeared like it had an old break in it. We wrapped up the meeting and I took the cat back to the office and gave her sub q fluid. The next day we took her to the vet.

It was a long time before the cat we named Miracle was healthy and well. We had her fully vetted and she settled into a foster home where she was loved.

She developed a lump that the vet recommended we remove. I raised the money and she had surgery. About three-years-later she was adopted to a single man. Less than three months later he got sick and couldn't keep her. Miracle's foster mom took her back.

It was another year before Miracle got adopted again but because of medical issues she was returned. We don't know how old Miracle is but assume she is an older senior. Unfortunately the down side of adopting a senior is the medical expenses that can go with it.

When I adopted my senior dog Bear at eleven she needed her teeth cleaned and some pulled. It cost me about $600.00 out of the gate.

So how do I keep convincing myself to take in senior pets when they cost so much in medical and may or may not get adopted? It's totally impractical and a burden...sometimes for the life of the pet. I'm going to start rethinking it...at least limit seniors??? I don't know...

Anyway, at this point Miracle has had enough moving around and needs stability for however long she has...could be years...its impossible to know. If she adjusted to life at the orphanage and is happy she can live out her life here if need be. If something better comes along, fantastic.

Meanwhile if anyone would like to donate towards her medical care we'd be grateful. You can make a donation at www.aear.org.

P.s. I do apologize for asking for donations so often lately but we've had so many animals with teeth issues and we still have some waiting to get their teeth fixed. Again, the downside of taking older animals:(

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