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Star has lived her entire life, on and off, at AEAR's orphanage. We feel it is best at this point in her life for her to live our her life with her caretakers. If you'd like to donate...

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Sunni's Heart Needs Our Help

Sunni has been to our cardiologist and was diagnosed with a very serious heart defect.  Left untreated, they anticipate her life expectancy to be 1-2 years.  The good news is that the treatment has a very high success rate, but...

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I was adopted February of 2009!
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Rottweiler / Doberman Pinscher

Guess what!

Rockefeller's new home sent us a follow-up after adoption!
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More about Rockefeller

Rockefeller Rockefeller was rescued after living all of his life on a chain (click here to see where he used to live). At first he was very nervous about everything relating to living indoors since it was all very new to him. However, he is now learning what it is like to be an indoor dog... loved, kept warm, given lots of attention... and he loves it.

He is a true mix breed of who-knows-what. His mom was an all black mix breed with very long hair and his dad was unknown. At last weigh in he was 47 pounds.

UPDATE: 3/7/2009
Rockefeller`s foster home reports that he is being a very good boy and is very food motivated. His favorite treat is chicken strips or cheese. He loves sleeping by your bed at night, but is also very good in his crate. He has learned "Sit" and is ready to further his education. He is also progressing well on his housebreaking. He is being crate trained and is perfect in his crate over night. He can only go about 5 hours in his crate during the day so if his new family works all day, they will need to be able to come home for lunch or hire someone to let him out in the middle of the day especially in the beginning since this is all very new to him.

Rockefeller`s New Dog CotRockefeller
UPDATE: 3/23/2009
Rockefeller has since also learned "down" in addition to "sit." He is very eager to please and will do just about anything for a cookie.

UPDATE: 3/28/2009
Today was Rockefeller`s first experience at one of our adoption events. He was initially stunned to be surrounded by so many people and other dogs, but by the end of the day he was schmoozing with everyone and showing off the commands he has learned so far. He fell in love with the kids from our Youth Club and there were lots of kisses. He would also rub his face against them just to see how hard they could laugh. Rocky tried to make friends with every dog he met as well. However, when one little 8 pound Chihuahua decided to snarl at him, Rocky got startled and scampered away. Poor Rocky! He is great with dogs of all sizes and would make a wonderful addition to someone`s home.

UPDATE: 4/3/2009
Rockefeller is such a smart boy. With only a few minutes a day he is mastering his commands. He now knows "Sit," "Down," and "Paw" and is working on "Beg." He loves toys, but is not allowed to have stuffed toys since he thinks that the inner stuffing is edible. Apparently nobody told him that toy stuffing was not a part of a healthy dog diet. Rockefeller is a big love bug and adores making people happy.

He has been with us for over 2 months now and he doesn`t know why no one has show any interest in him yet. Perhaps because he is a little older than some of the youngsters out there (although you wouldn`t know it when you meet him) or maybe just because he`s not a fluffy little poodle. Rockefeller just doesn`t understand. If you are looking for a wonderful dog who is not only handsome, but charming and smart as well then ask about Rockefeller today!

UPDATE: 4/5/2009
Watch Rockefeller`s new video to see all of his tricks! -->
Rockefeller is such a smarty pants. As you can see he is very eager to please and is a fast study!

UPDATE: 5/4/2009
Poor Rockefeller... he has now been with us over 3 months and he still hasn`t found a family to call his own. He continues to excel at all the new things he is learning and responds quite well to vocal commands. He is crate trained and is doing very well at his housebreaking.

UPDATE: 5/6/2009
Rockefeller has discovered his love for bacon flavored Nylabone "Durable" bones. He even collects them around the house and hoards them on his bed for future enjoyment. Consider Donating a Nylabone today! Watch his new video! -->

Bennett and RockefellerFoster BrothersUPDATE: 7/2/2009
Rockefeller enjoys hanging out with his fellow foster dog, Bennett. They are both so happy to have been rescued and can`t wait to find families who will love them forever. Both Rockefeller and Bennett were rescued from living tied to a chain in nearby towns in Lake County.

UPDATE: 7/12/2009
Rockefeller loves getting filmed and wanted us to post another movie of him because he`s just so cute. He`s wondering, however, when he will finally meet a family to call his own forever... will it be yours?


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