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Oct 21, 2017 (Saturday)
Santi's Gardens Fundraiser

Oct 22, 2017 (Sunday)
"Weekly Inspirational Message" Live On Facebook

Oct 22, 2017 (Sunday)
Guided Meditation with Dogs

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Adoptable Pet


Lark is a small Diamond Dove who lives with Paloma so we would like to see them get adopted together. They make a soft delightful choo choo sound.

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Update On Foster Animals

Echo At fourteen-years-old Echo is beginning to show is age a bit more.  While he is still active getting up and moving about seems a bit harder for him these days.  No surprise for this senior dog, especially given the emotionally...

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Foster Program

We Desperately Need Foster Homes!

Animal Education and Rescue (AEAR) is a foster-based rescue. This means we don't have a shelter or kennel and all of our animals stay in foster homes until they can be adopted. We are always looking for more people willing to become foster homes because for each new person able to open their home and heart to an animal, that is one more life we can save.

Fostering is a temporary commitment to care for the animal until a permanent home is found. All medical expenses are payed for by AEAR. Even food, toys, crates, litter supplies, etc. can be provided if needed.

Animals Currently Looking for Foster Homes...

If we don't have any open foster homes, we sometimes have to resort to boarding animals. This can be very costly (not to mention stressful for the animal). Below are some animals that need foster homes right now while they wait for a forever family to come along.

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If one of these pets isn't a good fit your household there are many more dogs and cats waiting to be rescued that we simply don't have the space to take in without your help. Please contact us and let us know the types of pets you are able to foster and we can notify you when we hear of one in need.

Apply to Be a Foster Home

You can either apply online or download the PDF and send it in to our address on our contact page.

Please also review our Foster Care Guidelines [pdf].

Annette & Gabby

Becoming A Foster Parent

Foster parenting is a rewarding experience for the entire family. It teaches children to love and care for a pet with the intention to find it a loving home. Many lessons are learned from that. For foster parents the satisfaction is in saving an animal from a potential terrible life and being the link that brings that pet to a new owner, thus bringing love and joy to both.

To become a foster parent we ask that you set up an appointment so we can meet at your home. There we will sit and talk and also ask to see how and where the animal will be housed. We will want a tour of your home and meet any animals you already have. We will ask you to fill out a form. There will also be a two-hour training program that will help you deal with the everyday issues of having a foster dog.

Upon approval foster parents can choose which pet(s) they would like to foster. We in turn will try and match the right pet for you.

Know that foster parenting is a lot of work. The pet will need time to adjust to your home. They may be stressed on arrival and take sometimes 2-3 weeks to settle in. They may have accidents in your home initially until they are reminded that potty is outside (or in a box, in the case of a cat). They may chew things up and grab things off the counter as well. Your best assurance that that won't happen is if you crate them or leave them in a "child-proof" room while you are away.

We provide food and a crate if needed. All medical expenses are also paid by AEAR.

Foster parents will need to be available to bring the pet for adoption days at area pet stores. Most often the adoption days are on a Saturday or Sunday. We will give you as much notice as possible. On occasion if you cannot attend we can make arrangements to pick the animal up.

During adoption days the foster family would be in charge of watching their foster pet and answering any questions anyone has about the pet. They would provide an adoption application to potential new owners.

Potential owners may also want to meet a pet not during adoption days. We advertise the pets on the Web and through flyers. In that case the office would call you and you would call the potential owner set up a time for them to come to your home to see the pet. After which if they were interested in adopting they would fill out an application and get it to the office that we would check references and set up a home visit.

The foster family's input on the potential new owner is vital in placing a pet in a forever home. If the potential owners seem like a good fit, after checking references and doing a home visit we will ask the foster family to arrange to drop off our have them pick up the pet.

Being a foster parent is not an easy job but is so very rewarding. If you are interested please contact us.

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Sophie in URGENT NEED of Foster/Forever Home

Sophie is in urgent need of a new foster home or a forever home.  She is currently living at a doggy day care and they cannot longer keep her there by the week of Thanksgiving due to being filled up... (read more)

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