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Join AEAR founder, Sandy Kamen Wisniewski, as she answers your questions about dogs.  Sandy has over two decades of experience training and working with countless number of dogs.  In addition to fostering hundreds of dogs within the last 14 years, Sandy has owned and operated Compassionate Dog Training since the early 1990’s.  She has taught group classes at various locations as well as trained dogs in client’s homes.  Sandy specializes in customizing training to fit the family and the dog instead of the approach that all families and dogs are the same.  “Some things can be fixed, while realistically, based on the family, we can manage a situation.  In other words, some things are fixable and some things aren’t.”  Sandy went on to say, “I want to see families and their dogs succeed and not fail by asking of them unrealistic expectations.”  But she warns, “I don’t have a magic wand so it takes the dedication, consistency and positive attitude to create a happy family.”  Sandy’s training includes positive reinforcement, traditional training and redirecting.  She believes that dog owners need to be educated about general dog behavior and development in addition to addressing individual needs.  “The more we understand dogs in general the more we will be able to tackle all behavior issues that occur throughout our dog’s life.”

Listen in as Sandy gives sound advise about dog behavior and training.  if you have a question Sandy can try and answer it.  But keep in mind that very specific issues often need to be addressed one-on-one and not in this venue.  Kick back, watch and learn.  Bring the whole family.