Become a Volunteer

Why Volunteer With Us?

ANIMAL EDUCATION AND RESCUE (AEAR) is an incorporated group of individuals volunteering their time, money, love and efforts to rescue pets, whether or not purebred, who have been abandoned,surrendered to animal shelters/humane societies, or surrendered to AEAR by their owners. AEAR is always seeking volunteers who love pets. AEAR welcomes and encourages your interest in volunteering.

Volunteering a little bit of your time helps a homeless pet in countless ways. AEAR needs volunteers to provide a variety of assistance, from creating and distributing flyers to local veterinary offices, grooming businesses and kennels, to attending “pet events” with or without a pet, to transporting pets, and, we especially need good foster homes. Aside from that, there are many volunteer activities needed to fulfill AEAR’s ultimate goal of finding permanent homes for homeless pets and your creativity in helping meet that purpose will be greatly appreciated!

Please note you must be 18 yrs. or older to become a volunteer.

How to Become a Volunteer

The first step is to attend one of our monthly New Volunteer Orientations held the first Wednesday of each month. There is no obligation to volunteer but do consider checking it out. AEAR Founder and Director Sandy Kamen Wisniewski will lead this informative and motivating evening. Participants will learn all about Animal Education and Rescue, hear stories that shaped the organization and learn about volunteer opportunities.

After you have attended the orientation and decide you would like to volunteer then the next step would be to fill out our New Volunteer Application by clicking on the link below.


View and sign up for upcoming events

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You can submit your Volunteer Application at anytime but you will not be approved as a volunteer until you attend a New Volunteer Orientation Event