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Mouse's - Emergency Care

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Mouse - Urgent Care

Mouse's - Emergency Care

Yea! 7 people raised $1,750 of $1,500

Mouse is at animal emergency in Grayslake. I brought her there because she was having a hard time breathing. It happened suddenly. She is staying there now. They have her in oxygen and gave her a shot to help her breathing. The doctor doesn't know what it is but suspects possibly pneumonia, bronchitis or heart disease, in that... (more)

Petey's Sinus Condition

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Petey's Sinus Care

Petey's needs to get help for his chronic sinus condition

So far 2 people raised $125 of $500

Petey is a 14 yr. old  Chihuahua who is in our care and has been suffering from chronic sinus issues for quite some time.  While we have tried many of the traditional methods nothing has worked, so It's time to see if we can get him some relief by taking him to Dr. Barbara Royals who runs an alternative... (more)

Casey Needs Medical Help

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Casey's Vet Bills

Casey needs a dental and lump removal.

So far 9 people raised $495 of $500

A few weeks ago we took in Casey. His owner, an elderly woman, could no longer take care of him. We took him to the vet yesterday and the doctor said he needs a dental badly as well as a cyst removed. The estimate is $500.00. We need to raise money for his medical expenses. If you... (more)

Mouse's Ongoing Care

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Mouse's Care

Mouse needs ongoing care.

So far 6 people raised $185 of $500

Yesterday we went to Tops Veterinarian Rehabilitation for Mouse to get a complete evaluation. Overall I was very impressed. Dr. Kevin Jones was the veterinarian who evaluated her. It is unclear as to how Mouse became disabled. It could be an injury or she was born that way. Because of her various issues...back and leg issues, her head... (more)

Maddison's vet visit

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Madison Medical

Madison needs an adrenal gland disease implant.

So far 2 people raised $20 of $107

One of our two new ferrets came to us skinny and with hair loss. Today I took her to Care Animal hospital on Peterson Road in Libertyville. The doctor said she's 90% sure it's adrenal gland disease. We opted to have an implant put in under her skin which should help. If the hair grows back and she... (more)

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