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Please help Sesi

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Please Help Sesi

Yea! 15 people raised $895 of $500

Very Sick Dog Today I received a call from a man about Sesi, his small, young shih tzu. He said that his two dogs got in a fight and his dog hasn't been right since. Sesi can't walk and isn't eating or drinking. He took her to the vet on Saturday and he couldn't afford everything the veterinarian was... (more)

Miracle Needs Dental

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MIracle Dental

Miracle Needs Dental

So far 3 people raised $145 of $700

Welcome Back Miracle Our senior kitty that was adopted out recently was returned due to her health issues. Unfortunately we were unaware of most of them. She also needs a dental...which we declined at the time it was suggested because of her other pressing medical issue we took care of. This is the downside of Rescue organizations taking in... (more)

Snoopy Needs Dental

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Snoopy Dental

Snoopy Needs Dental

So far 7 people raised $375 of $500

This sweet 25-30 pounb lab mix was rescued from animal control this week.  He's about 5 years old, super calm and likes other dogs.  His teeth needed some much needed dental work.  Pleasee consider donating to this cause.

Toby Needs Dental Work

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Toby - Dog

Toby Needs Dental Work

So far 2 people raised $100 of $600

This photo is of a little ten-year-old chihuahua mix named Toby. His owner just dropped him off at animal control because "his teeth were in bad shape." They had him most of his life.  Animal control's WAGS, a non-profit animal group who's goal is to help Waukegan animals, offered to pay for the dental if the owner wanted to... (more)

Tough Day for Herbie

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Herbie - Dental & Surgery Expenses

So far 3 people raised $100 of $900

Poor Herbie has had a rough day. He had his teeth cleaned and had most of his teeth pulled out...ouch! And he had a growth by his anus that had to be removed...double ouchy!!! But now he'll be all better and totally ready for adoption. If anyone would like to contribute to his expensive veterinarian bill we'd be... (more)

Thank You For Considering Fostering?

If you are interested in fostering an animal for AEAR please complete the Fostering Questionnaire form below   Your questionnaire will then be reviewed by an AEAR staff member who will determine your suitability for fostering and for which type of animals.  You will then be contacted and asked to fill out a Fostering Application.  Click here to fill out the Fostering Questionnaire (more)

Now Taking Orders for Handmade Soap

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Soap Sale

Taking Orders for Handmade Soaps!

So far 0 people raised $0 of $15

Taking Orders For Soap! We are now selling soaps to raise money initially for Chuck to adopt his foster Velcro dog, Nicky (read the whole story below) but also as a general fund raiser for AEAR.  100% of the proceeds go to AEAR. The cost of the saop is $10.00 for a 1 inch thick bar.  They make... (more)

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