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Dog Breeds, The Truth

In this video I share with you candidly my experiences and opinion on different dog breeds.

As a dog trainer for over 27 years and in the businesses of working with dogs since 1987 I certainly have many more experiences with dogs than the average person and even many other people in the business of working with dogs.

I have no preconceived opinions on any one breed nor any special love for a particular breed, I love all dogs and consider the individual, genetics, as well as the pack mentality.

If you’d like to hear practical words that come from decades of experience and middle-of-the-road advise that isn’t extreme join me!

Starting Your Own Animal Rescue Group

Did you ever think you wanted to start your own animal rescue organization? Ever wonder how other people did it? Learn the inside scoop of running a humane society for animals/rescue group from Animal Education and Rescue’s founder, Sandy Kamen Wisniewski.

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Cats and Their Litter Box

Cats and their litter box is a sensitive issue. In this Facebook LIVE I’ll share with you ways to prevent your cat from getting in the habit of going potty outside of the litter box. I’ll also give you tons of tips on getting your cat to use the box if they are having “accidents” outside of it.

General Dog Behavior and Training

All About Pet Bird Ownership.

What To Do When Your Cat Pees Outside The Litter box

Rehabilitating a Dog That Has Been Rescued

In this video we educate you about the inside scoop of the animal rescue world and the process involved in rehabilitating a dog.

This video is of a dog we just named Maple. Maple was just picked up at animal control a few hours before this video was taken. We wanted to show everyone how a dog who is just rescued can behave. Maple is completely shut down and depressed.