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Dogs That Bite

1. Why do they bite? 2. Dog-to-dog bites 3. Dog bites cat/small domestic pet 4. Dog bites person 5. Tips to prevent bites Dog training tips and advise by Sandy Kamen Wisniewski, AEAR founder and Director. Sandy has been a dog trainer since 1990. Her web site for her dog [...]


Adopting or Fostering an Adult Cat

In this video we will talk about what to expect when you adopt an adult cat or foster one. Here are the topics we will be discussing - What to expect when you take in a new cat How long it takes for a cat to adjust Where to keep [...]


Fostering Pets – Is it Right For You?

Learn all about what’s involved in fostering pets. Animal Education and Rescue’s founder and director, Sandy Kamen Wisniewski, will share candidly and honestly the positives and challenges of fostering pets. Sandy will share heartwarming, inspiring and sad stories of her experiences the past 15 years fostering pets. This is a [...]


The Truth About Dog Breeds

In this video I share with you candidly my experiences and opinion on different dog breeds. As a dog trainer for over 27 years and in the businesses of working with dogs since 1987 I certainly have many more experiences with dogs than the average person and even many [...]


Starting Your Own Animal Rescue Group

Did you ever think you wanted to start your own animal rescue organization? Ever wonder how other people did it? Learn the inside scoop of running a humane society for animals/rescue group from Animal Education and Rescue’s founder, Sandy Kamen Wisniewski.  Donations for these educational programs are always appreciated. [...]


Cats and Their Litter Box

Cats and their litter box is a sensitive issue. In this Facebook LIVE I’ll share with you ways to prevent your cat from getting in the habit of going potty outside of the litter box. I’ll also give you tons of tips on getting your cat to use the [...]