AEAR Stray Hold Policy

Following is AEAR’s guidelines used for admitting, housing and returning strays


All stray dogs receive the following upon intake:
  • Check for microchip. If a microchip is found the microchip company and the owners are called.
  • All animals receive a wellness check by a veterinarian.
  • Upon intake all dogs receive rabies vaccine, parvo/distemper vaccine, kennel cough vaccine. Cats receive rabies, FIV test, feline required vaccines.
  • If there is any immediate health concerns treatment or testing is done.
  • If necessary the animal is bathed and given flea and tick preventative.
If someone should call claiming their animal, in order to receive the animal back into their custody:
  • They need to provide sufficient proof that it is their dog such as past medical records with a description of the animal, photographs of the animal or a city license.
  • They must follow all parodical set forth in their town of residence in order to get the animal back.
  • If it appears as if the animal has suffered from abuse and/or neglect one of our investigators will investigate the situation.
Before receiving the animal back the owner must:
  • Pay all medical expenses.
  • Pay for boarding costs of $25.00/per day.
  • Pay costs of gas for the vehicle(s) that transported the animal.
  • If the owner refuses to pay the fees to reimburse AEAR they can then choose to forfeit their rights and give up the animal at which time the animal will become
  • available for adoption.
AEAR is obligated to:
  • Notify Animal Control about a found dog.
  • Check for a microchip.
  • Treat the stray humanely and provide proper food, water, shelter and medical care to the animal.
  • Adhere to the policies set forth.
State and City Laws and Ordinances
  • The stray’s owner may be subject to city and state fines. This would be determined before the release of the animal.
  • According to state law if the animal is not claimed after seven days the animal is forfeited and therefore available to be placed in a new home.