Foster Home Application & Contract

  • Foster homes are temporary homes designed to help rescues save more animals from euthanasia. A foster home may have an animal for a few weeks or possibly a few months. There is no guarantee of exactly how long the animal will be in foster care. You must read this contract thoroughly and understand exactly what is required of you as a foster home. The term foster home will refer to one or more individuals, of legal age, entering into this contract. The foster home represents that no member of its household (permanent or temporary) has been charged with cruelty to animals.
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    1. Experience: The foster home represents that it has a reasonable working knowledge of the proper care and humane treatment of animals.

    2. Daily Care: The foster home agrees to provide the foster animals with sufficient food, water, exercise, socialization, obedience training, competent vet care (including transport to the vet), annual vaccinations, heartworm, de-worming, prompt vet care in case of illness or accident, and flea/tick prevention (if necessary). The foster home will also provide the care and attention necessary to ensure the animal adapts to their new temporary home. Obedience training and crate training may be just a few of the tools necessary to help the foster adjust.

    3. Reimbursement: The foster home will be reimbursed for any medical, training or other previously approved expenses that may occur during the foster period. Payment will be made to the foster home by AEAR. All foster homes will provide legitimate receipts for proof of payment to AEAR and fill out any forms required to receive payment. Any routine or ordinary expense will require preapproval prior to treatment. In an emergency situation, the foster home must notify an AEAR representative at the earliest possible time. Foster homes are NOT reimbursed for food, toys, treats and crates. Those items may be available at no cost to the foster family at our offices where we may have donated items for foster family use.

    4. Spay/Neuter: All foster dogs will be spayed/neutered (unless due to illness or age) prior to adoption. AEAR will have prior knowledge and grant approval of all spay/neuter expenses.

    5. Housing Requirements: No AEAR animal will be left outside at night, tied out unattended or placed in any situation where physical harm could come to them. The foster home agrees to give the foster dog proper exercise (whether in a fenced area or on a leash) to maintain its health. All foster cats must be kept indoors. If the foster animal is lost or stolen, the foster home will immediately notify AEAR and assist in attempts to recover the animal.

    6. Health/Temperament: The foster home understand that AEAR has no prior knowledge of the health or temperament of the foster animal. The foster home further agrees that it will hold AEAR (and any other entity affiliated with AEAR, i.e. volunteers, animal hospitals and their staff, etc.) harmless in the event the foster animal is responsible for any injury, property damage, illness (including spread to other pets within the household) or for any harm to any person(s) who may come in contact with the foster animal while it is under the care of you as a foster parent. While AEAR will attempt to see that the foster dog is compatible with the foster home, AEAR does not warrant the foster animals temperament or behavior in any way. The foster home will not hold AEAR liable for any acts of the foster animal during its stay in the foster home. The foster home will also notify AEAR immediately should any problems occur with the foster animal. (i.e. incompatibility, medical issues, behavioral changes, etc.)

    7. Bites: The foster home agrees that it will report to AEAR any bite (whether inflicted on a human or another animal) within 12 hours of the incident. The foster home will abide by the decision of AEAR as to the disposition of the rescue animal should a bite occur.

    8. Ownership: The foster home may not give, lease, sell or otherwise transfer custody of the rescue animal to anyone while it is under the foster homes care. AEAR will retain ownership of all foster dogs and will make final decisions (with the input of the foster home) regarding adoption or euthanization. The foster home also agrees that AEAR may, as it deems necessary, make visits to the foster home to check on the foster animal status. Should AEAR decide that the foster animal requires any behavioral training or medical attention, the foster home agrees to abide by AEAR’s decision(s).

    9. Other: The foster home agrees that it will notify AEAR immediately of any upcoming change of address or telephone number. The foster home will also provide a copy of the lease (if the property where the foster animal housed is rented) stating that the said foster family has permission from the landlord/leasing agent to house a foster animal of that said type.
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