The Veteran Adoption Fund helps us offset the cost of waiving adoption fees for animals to approved veterans (a new initiative required by the State of Illinois). Your support ensures our heroes receive the companionship they deserve.

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ColtonRecently Illinois passed a law that requires rescue groups and shelters to give dogs away for free to veterans. (The rescues/shelters can still deny an applicant if the family doesn’t meet their adoption criteria.) That law creates quite a dilemma for those of us in rescue who rely largely on adoption donations to continue to do the work we do every day.

For each cat we adopt out that requires medical care, the adoption fee does not fully cover our expenses. We lose money as it is for every cat we adopt out. For dogs, the adoption fee allows for an additional $150 to go towards our overall expenses, if all we have to do is the general medical expenses for them, not additional. We continually have to raise additional money for sick animals.

We are a grass roots rescue that doesn’t receive any government funding or large donations so the adoption fees are critical for us so that we can stay in business. We have a tiny staff getting paid extremely modest salaries and we cut corners and rely on volunteers often to help support our work.

This is where you can help us. We are setting up a special fund that will be earmarked for the free animals that will be provided for approved veterans for our organization. This will help us comply with the law, yet not cause us major hardship, which would require us to cut costs elsewhere, such as saying no to taking in more animals more often.

Cotton, the dog in the photo, was applied for by a veteran and has to be given for free to the family. The family has applied and will be approved. The adoption fee is normally $525.00. If everyone could please donate a few dollars to this fund we’d be so grateful. Moving forward we are hoping there will be money in there to help us when needed.

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