BELEIVE YOU CAN MAKE  A DIFFERENCE. 2019/2020 Annual Fund Drive

Any donation amount will help!

Many of the animals that reach our doors are hungry, sick or injured, and in need of rehabilitation. We are committed to caring for each pet we bring into our foster homes. Of course, that costs money. As a small, non-profit organization, we struggle to pay for medical care, food and other supplies our animals need until they find their permanent home.

2019/2020 Annual Fund Drive

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In addition to taking in homeless animals and placing them into loving homes, here are some of our accomplishments this year:

  • Through social media posts, videos and LIVES, we educate people every single day about the proper care of animals.
  • We have taken in dozens of kittens that would otherwise be suffering on the streets, starving and reproducing, adding to the already major problem.
  • We continue to care for injured, elderly, sick and handicapped animals and prepare them for adoption.
  • We’ve sheltered countless rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and other small animals that have nowhere to go. We are one of only a few organizations that will take in these animals. With nowhere to go, we are their last hope.
  • Every single month we bring animals to an area nursing home, providing much-needed pet therapy to the residents.
  • Through our youth program and community educational programs, we have educated hundreds of children through our speeches and hands-on events and activities. We believe that we need to be proactive in order to reduce the challenges we face in regards to animals and their safety and happiness. Educating young people greatly reduces problems for animals in the future.